Sestina Vegan Pasta Bar

Ravioli with sweet corn
Tagliatelle with truffles

My review

My husband and I went to Sestina, and the food was amazing! It’s not inexpensive, but it wowed us. Highly recommended. I’m starting with dessert because the flan was the best I’ve ever had (vegan or non-vegan). It had a blueberry compote and toasted almond slivers on top, and each bite was a revelation.The only thing that wasn’t incredible was the chocolate/hazelnut budino dessert (even though I love chocolate and hazelnut together). The issue was the drizzled caramel was over-salted, and that detracted from the rest of the taste.Everything else amazed us both. Try the Tagliatelle if you like truffles. The sauce had a fantastic roll on the tongue with lemon and a hint of thyme. The pasta was tender and beautifully thin, and the parm only added to the taste. The ravioli with a thyme alfredo sauce and sweet corn was fab. The pasta was tender and the sauce complemented it perfectly.The arancini was a terrific appetizer. The sauce again didn’t overpower, but I would have liked a cheesier taste in the balls themselves. On the other hand, the Caprese was scrumptious. We’re still wondering exactly how they got the mozzarella to taste so like actual mozzarella. And the balsamic glaze was subtle and again a perfect complement to the rest of the tastes.I can’t wait to go back. Highly recommended!


Willow Vegan Bistro

“Steak” and Frites
Cauliflower Wings


The sauce on this dish is fantastic. There might be a bit too much “steak” in the dish, but if you get the Greek salad to accompany it, you can take the leftovers home for the next day’s lunch.

The cauliflower wings (BBQ) are fantastic! I get them every time I go. Tangy and sweet, they come with a ranch-style sauce that’s perfect for dipping.

I’ll be there again soon, and I’ll try something new and review it too.

Violife Cheddar Shreds


Vegan Product

The taste great! I made nachos with them. I’d like it if they melted a bit better, but otherwise they tasty. And they’re way better than the Daiya (forgive the spelling) brand shreds that have that signature, “I’m a fake cheese” taste. Sorry to be mean-sounding, but that’s not my intent. These violife cheddar shreds don’t have that same strange taste, and I like them a lot.

The Nachos Ingredients

Nacho chips, avocado, black olives, violife cheddar shreds, lettuce, sliced cherry tomatoes, and salsa.