The vegan lifestyle podcast that helps you live in harmony with your values, the Earth, and animals.

From recipes to vegan clothing and makeup, from navigating relationships with non-vegans to vegan app reviews, this show helps you forge your Earth-centered, cruelty-free path.

Why are we doing this? The Vegan Life

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  1. Why are we doing this?
  2. Restaurant Review – Peacefood Downtown
  3. Are you coming to New York City? Peacefood Restaurant Review
  4. Wendy Hapgood – How One Organization is Saving Wildlife in South Africa
  5. How to Compile a Great Vegan Meal at Just About Any Restaurant
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About the Show

The show explores Earth-centered and environmental practices so you can leave a smaller footprint.

Delicious vegan food options and recipes that you can make every day. Ideas and reviews on how to live vegan when you’re on travel and how to navigate relationships and communication on your vegan journey.

Animal rights, anti-poaching, cruelty-free makeup, product, and restaurant reviews to help you make your choices.

Our favorite vegan restaurant recommendations. Have one of your own, let us know.

Reviews of Vegan Restaurants and Products

Sestina Vegan Pasta Bar

My review My husband and I went to Sestina, and the food was amazing! It’s not inexpensive, but it wowed us. Highly recommended. I’m starting with dessert because the flan was the best I’ve ever had (vegan or non-vegan). It had a blueberry compote and toasted almond slivers on top, and each bite was aContinue reading “Sestina Vegan Pasta Bar”

Willow Vegan Bistro

Delicious The sauce on this dish is fantastic. There might be a bit too much “steak” in the dish, but if you get the Greek salad to accompany it, you can take the leftovers home for the next day’s lunch. The cauliflower wings (BBQ) are fantastic! I get them every time I go. Tangy andContinue reading “Willow Vegan Bistro”

Violife Cheddar Shreds

Vegan Product The taste great! I made nachos with them. I’d like it if they melted a bit better, but otherwise they tasty. And they’re way better than the Daiya (forgive the spelling) brand shreds that have that signature, “I’m a fake cheese” taste. Sorry to be mean-sounding, but that’s not my intent. These violifeContinue reading “Violife Cheddar Shreds”